Serfaus Tirol

Serfaus is a little village of 1.200 inhabitants in the Southwestern part of Tirol.

The place is located 500 m above the Upper Inntal valley on a flat slope to the south. Serfaus is the last village of the ski resort "Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis".

Serfaus is known for its tiny subway system which was built in 1985. The subway called "Dorfbahn Serfaus" is the smallest subway in the whole world. With four stations and a length of 1280 m the Dorfbahn makes it possible to keep the centre of the village free from cars.

Serfaus consists of following districts: Serfaus, Kölner Haus, Komperdell, Komperdell Observatorium, Madatschen, St. Georgen, St. Zeno, Schönegg, Serfauserfeld, Stadelwies, Tschupach, Untertösens, Feld, Masner and Fallmied.

The first findings in Serfaus date from the Bronze Age. The place was mentioned the first time in the 11th century. In the late 19th century the first tourists came to Serfaus, in the early 20th century tourism developed to the most important income of the village. In a big fire in 1942 almost the whole village was destroyed. The reconstruction of Serfaus changed the style of the village totally. It was chosen to rebuilt the village in a modern style.

Serfaus offers 7.500 beds for tourists. In the tourism year 2006 the 1.200 inhabitants village of Serfaus had 892.264 overnight stays. This is the tenth place for villages, and the third places behind St. Anton and Ischgl for districts.

The main car park of Serfaus.

Serfaus is part of the ski resort "Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis" and offers 25 drag lifts, 8 chair lifts and 9 cable cars. The interconnected skiing area provides more than 160 km of ski runs and slopes. The longest ski run has a distance of 10 km.

The entrance to the shortest subway of the world.

Going by the shortest underground of the world.

A look out of the subway train.

One of the four underground stations in Serfaus.

A break from skiing in Serfaus.

Le Vita - underground terminus.

Impressive "hotel castles" in Serfaus.

The ski school for children in the centre of the village.